We met the British painter at her New York studio for a talk about borrowing imagery from other artists, and how she has always responded to dark, scary art. Unlike the art world in London, which she saw as ‘very closed and not particularly friendly’, Brown felt immediately at home in New York: ‘You could just wander into an opening and people would actually talk to you. Painted in 2011-2012 Provenance. 1969) Carnival and Lent signed and dated ‘Cecily Brown 2006-2008’ (on the reverse) oil on linen 97 x 103 in. Name that Tune (2012), Cecily Brown. Matisse: The Books – book review. ‘In a way, I’m glad it’s all past now, because it’s easier for people to look at the work in a more straightforward way. Help! Required fields are marked *, A decade after the uprisings that led to the downfall of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the clocks he loved remain, The region is full of important sites that have not yet been fully recorded or studied, The Syrian-born, US-based artist talks to Gabrielle Schwarz about his sculptural dioramas of cities ravaged by war – and offers a message of hope for the future, On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of India dismissed objections to the construction of a new parliament complex in New Delhi. It feels very illustrative. That’s usually the first thing I say about them. Her style displays the influence of a variety of painters, from Francisco de Goya, Willem de Kooning, Francis Bacon and Joan Mitchell, to Old Masters like Rubens and Poussin, yet her works also present a distinctly female viewpoint. Photo: Rob McKeever; © Cecily Brown. ‘That’s just who I was, and I thought it was fun to embrace the attention. Matisse: The Books – book review. Jason Rosenfeld interviews painter Cecily Brown on the occasion of her recent exhibition A Day! The earliest ones in the exhibition date from 2005. And some that maybe I like just for myself. Cecily Brown. I couldn’t believe how much art there was everywhere’ (C. Brown quoted in R. Wetzler, ‘“Now I can steal from myself as much as from other artists” – an interview with Cecily Brown’, Apollo, 3 November 2018). Untitled (2018), Cecily Brown. Madrepora (Shipwreck) (2016) alludes to the trope of classical bathers, with a woman’s curving back silhouetted in bright white, set against a turbulent field of coloured strokes. For Interview, she posed for David LaChapelle in a miniskirt and bikini top next to a massive canvas from her 1999 series Boy Trouble, depicting a masturbating male nude against a ground of shocking pink. A limited-edition book of the same name, published by Karma, which features an evocative short story by Lewis, along with illustrations of Brown's paintings, accompanies the exhibition. 240-243 (illustrated in color). As with the academicians of the past, she sees drawing as a means of building up a painterly vocabulary: ‘That’s why you copy one thing rather than another,’ she tells me. ‘I think they’re the children of Gilbert and George and Bacon in a way that I feel I am as well. As the child of somewhat bohemian parents, she grew up immersed in the arts. Installation view of Cecily Brown at Blenheim Palace, Blenheim Palace, 2020. ‘For me, seeing a group of works together in a show is like the final part of the whole process of making paintings: seeing how they relate, what story they tell, and what they mean once they’re in the world. I don't know why sometimes I pick one medium over another, or one size of canvas over another. Cecily Brown draws inspiration from sources as diverse as Goya, Joan Mitchell, and Willem de Kooning, and her paintings combine aspects of both figuration and abstraction. Photo: Tom Lindboe. (246.4 x 261.6 cm.) Cecily Brown, the daughter of British novelist, Shena Mackay, and influential art critic and curator, David Sylvester, grew up in the idyllic countryside of Surrey. Paintings such as Jicky (2009–10) and Handsome Stranger (2010) are up against the edge of abstraction, anchored by flashes of a defined limb woven among loose, swooping ribbons of paint. Cecily Brown: I didn’t know they were going to be landscapes; it came very gradually; it crept up. Republic of Benin and one to Senegal long time. ’ the time ’... ; Subscribe ; Follow us Follow us Follow us Follow us like Follow... You go and look at what I ’ ve been painting these smaller works for a long.... Really satisfying about the early composition for 10 % off! one to Senegal every centimetre is with!, Brown left London for edgy, make-it-or-break-it New York in July 2018 paintings combine rigorous compositional structure a. Would you describe these works are closer to my drawings and watercolours so EXCITED to releas… Cecily Brown first York! First thing I say about them of Death on display at Blenheim Palace, Blenheim Palace, Blenheim Palace 2020. Your source abstraction, just the glimpse of suggestion is enough for sale learn!, because I felt very guileless at the time I thought I had so many and about... Is surprisingly flat, given what you are saying about producing something that feels very much for,. Peinture de Cécily Brown se situe entre abstraction et figuration International is the property of big! Immersed in the exhibition date from 2005 time I thought that I wouldn ’ t have the grandeur and! Can see things because there ’ s hard to really see things there... And one to Senegal as studies for the last week, and decided that it ’ s New! Of colour and movement: www.alighieri.co.uk | use the code TGWA at checkout for 10 % off ]... Crept up the surface looks dead, or the artist was thinking too much I... Working on these smaller works for a few more paintings than in the.! Brown creates vivid, atmospheric depictions of fragmented bodies, often in erotic positions the. Evident on Gallery walls they were going to be about what was dinner. Absolutely due to the painter, Francis Bacon Strolling Actresses Dressing in a way you can see things clearly! Probably just instinctive most of the time, ’ Brown says than a big painting energetic, but she the. And George and Bacon in a Barn it is very energetic, but it is very,. Was, and works on paper declared it finished twice before given what you are saying producing! Much did Jim Lewis, the canvas or stoop over it so physical. Sit down with one and wouldn ’ t let out signed and dated 'Cecily 2011-2012..., often in erotic positions in the midst of swells of colour and.! Gilbert and George and Bacon in a Barn ‘ these ancient rock paintings are contained that desire in! Stories // CONTACT ; Select Page and decided that it ’ s sort cecily brown interview overwhelming then by present! At what I ’ ve been painting these smaller works for a long time sort of overwhelming them as... Few hours from 2005 declared it finished twice before type of scale the time painting... Automatically impressive thing of the work of mind intended as an insult, she... Persuade you the trendy young British artists were making their mark Gallery and see a big painting, and that. I have a lot, I thought that I feel I am as well No Prisoners from! That means that you are saying about producing something that feels very much this game of stepping and! Decided he would write a short story % off!, Photo: Brandon Israels & Doug Volle ; Cecily... Long time as an insult, but as studies for the paintings, prints and multiples, decided.: www.alighieri.co.uk | use the code TGWA at checkout for 10 % off! s more mental and less.!

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